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Women with the Red Hat
Women with the Red Hat
Salman Ezzammoury, is a Dutch visual artist born in Tetouan, North Morocco, 1959, moved to the Netherlands at a young age. His studies of Photography at the University of Applied Photography in Apeldoorn and Graphic Techniques at Sivako in Utrecht provided a solid technical basis for his current work. He combines painting and photography.

Soon he became a successful artist, even more than being a photographer, which means that he does not try to represent the world as realistically as possible, but by applying various techniques, he adds an extra dimension to his work. He wants to approach his subject as closely as possible: he almost wants to crawl in in order to expose the core. He also loves people: he is sincerely interested in his fellow men and knows how to portray them in a loving way.

Without any effort he experienced the transition from analogue to digital photography. While in the past he physically edited his negatives in various ways, he now uses all sorts of techniques derived from the visual arts, to transform his photographs into unique works of art.

Salman loves traveling and exploring the world. In recent years he has made many trips to Hong Kong, Japan, New York, Iceland and other countries. These journeys have resulted in lots of new works of art that have been shown at various exhibitions in The Netherlands and abroad.

Meanwhile, he has been present in over 300 exhibitions since 1987, in the Netherlands and abroad.

Expressing his emotions is important to Salman Ezzammoury. Above all he wants to make clear his feelings experiencing a moment, a situation or a place. No wonder his photography has a poetic quality and as with poetry can never be completely grasped, but remains elusive, with a mystic quality.

Salman puts a message in his work as well. He believes that art not only enriches society, but he especially thinks that art brings people together. Art as a tool for a better world.

By Karin en Annette