Burgemeester van Ede Cees van der Knaap

Expositie van Salman Ezzammoury Chrudim Reflectie in het Gemeentehuis Ede
Cees van der Knaap Mayor of Ede

Meeting and contact

Salman Ezzammoury from Ede, the Netherlands, is a special
artist. He creates some splendid works and has ideals. Not only
does he believe that art enriches society and the public domain, he
is convinced that art brings people together.

Salman wants peoples and cultures to communicate through his
work, with him acting as social intermediary. I cherish that thought.
Art as a medium for meeting and contact.
Photography that binds people.

Creative, peaceful and tolerant, with art as a weapon for a better
world. That is typically Salman. Creating art is like breathing to
him, a primary necessity of life.

This artist from Ede makes me happy. I am also pleased with
Stichting Stedenband Ede-Chrudim, our Foundation, that organises
exchange programmes, among other things.

In 2010, the foundation invited Salman for a photo project in
Chrudim, the Czech Republic. You can see the result in this
booklet. A very special booklet in fact, as only ten copies were
ever made. That makes it a work of art in its own right.

Calling it Chrudim Reflections, Salman offers us an insight into the
town of Chrudim. Salman photographed the town through shop and
car windows, watery surfaces, etc.

These reflections have produced some very special images of
Chrudim, making this a very special booklet indeed.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you lots of pleasure
while admiring this work.

Cees van der Knaap
Mayor of Ede